Proof of love #31 ❤️

I’m walking down the street carrying this stunning bouquet. The USPS driver was parked and leaned out of his truck to say: Those flowers are beautiful! In a short exchange he asks: Are they for something special or could you just not stop yourself? Me: Actually, I’m heading to my …

Is there an antidote to sadness?

Now, more than ever, our love matters. Life feels fragile right now. The carefully constructed balance topples like a Jenga game played for days too long the moment one brick, perhaps one you’ve counted on, is pulled from the tower. The toppling, the fragileness brings me to the present, to …

the love lives on: England

          Caroline returned to her Nana’s house in the UK.  One year later – the love shines bright!

What has Brown done for you?

Following the tragic events at the San Francisco UPS building. Aldea Home on Valencia Street set up a love note table for …

Proof of Love #30

There is no love; only proofs of love. Pierre ReverdyBouquet from my youngest on mother’s day. Perfection.