you are enough: Lyell @ Still

You are enough.

If I could, I would come into your house at night and paint this on your bathroom mirror.  This way, you’d see the message morning and night as you brush your teeth and comb your hair. Maybe after reading it over and over, this message would sink into your memory and become part of your truths, something you never doubted. You are enough.

Of course you are going places. I know you have big dreams, goals and a to do list. But know this: You are enough. Just as you are, right now, in this very moment you are enough.
Yes, there are times you cry in the shower so no one will know. Yes, some mornings you wake up and stare out into the blank new day thinking you might stay curled up in bed. Even then, you are enough. Tell yourself. Over and over. You are enough.
You are moving down your path in life – maybe you skip, perhaps you dance, sometimes you might even do the backwards walk. There are times you will stop on your path to smell the flowers or examine the hole in the ground, that’s just how going down your path works. It does not matter how you go, but go you will. However you are traveling down your path, please smile the smile of someone who knows that they are enough.

Good morning, friend.  You are enough.

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