What do you love? Friday

I was so wrapped up in loving my peeps on vacation last Friday, that I literally and then figuratively missed “What do you love?” Friday. This ritual has become a fabulous part of my loving you, being grateful, and observing the world around me.

Welcome to “What do you love? Friday”, the weekly prompt to document the love around us.

At times hope, at times a madlib, at times devotional, at times gratitude- this space is ours to explore the all the forms of love in life. The people, the places, the things – a capture of the now.

The process of inventorying the love around me helps me recognize love. Sometimes the list is long and sometimes just one moment or act. Regardless, each Friday I feel happier and like my heart has grown little bit bigger just by saying, “Hello, Love!” and typing it out.

You can share your “What do you love? Friday” reflection in the comments below (anonymous sharing is possible via the blog.)

I love you because you remind me “Yes” is how I love life best. Thank you for riding the waves, dancing, hula hooping and laughing through the upsides and othersides of “yes!” with me. And the little sign is perfection…..on my desk for more remembering.

Do tell…..what do you love?

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