We are lucky in life whenever we fall in love.

Under the redwoods, I married these two beautiful souls.  The passion, intent, heart and spirituality that went into creating the ceremony was unlike anything I’d participated in before in my life. Stunning and profound.  Thank you, Chris & Rob, for allowing me to hold the space and bear witness to the depths of your love.

“In life, we are lucky whenever we fall in love. Whenever we feel that spark, if even for a night or from a distance, we are lucky. We know we are alive when this happens. We know we are open to possibility. We are vulnerable and willing to share of ourselves.  This is a rare and precious collision we long for. Giving and receiving love – the yin and the yang – is sacred. It becomes more than the sum of the parts. Making a commitment to continue to give and receive, to take turns, to switch sides, to change our minds, and to show up again and again is the beauty of relationship.”

I wrote love notes to each of the attendees, tucked under their chairs, to take as a reminder of this one in a life time experience.

In the garden along with cocktail hour, guests could add their own well wish, memory or advice to the public display of affection.

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