the story behind: p.s. you are a wonder

“If you would’ve seen my life 13 months ago, I could just as easily be dead as sitting across from you right now” he explained across the small wobbling table with one uneven leg. We’d met in a bustling coffee shop across from the BART station late on a Friday afternoon to talk about an potential work-related project.

He was right. There were moments while he shared pieces of his story I had a hard time reconciling the darkness and gritty details with the put together, kind man in front of me.
I was awed both by his story of redemption and his vulnerability in sharing with me, a near stranger.
“This week my mom sent me an email and at the end she wrote ‘You are a wonder.’ ”

Goosebumps raised on my arms as tears came to his eyes. “Of all the things she could have said and she said that I am a wonder” he paused. Gazing slightly to the side, not quite making eye contact, he continued very softly, “I am. I am a wonder.”

My heartbeats quickened at this truth.

We hugged good-bye in front of the cafe and parted ways excited for the new project to unfold. Crossing the sidewalk in the rush-hour foot traffic made me feel like a fish swimming upstream.

Pausing on the curb, the toes of my shoes hanging over the edge rocking back and forth as I waited for the “WALK” sign, I could perceive the world around me move in slow motion. Though the street noise was loud, my minds eye painted whispering signs hanging from second story windows, on the fence behind BART, secured to street signs: you are a wonder.

Instead of whispering signs (how cool would that be!?!) the love note materialized in the love note pad form. This is one of my favorite notes.

The sentiment is perfection. Every time.

You are a wonder.

You really are.

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