The last snack.

My last snack duty. I went all out. PBJs on cinnamon raisin bread. 🥪 Homemade chocolate chip, pecan, chocolate chunk cookies. 🍪 Three kinds of sports drinks. 💦 .

My sisters @camillaw11 @amariswdrennen @sistermamawhowho use to come to town to help as my stunt double, getting through what felt like a never ending snack, carpool, practice, homework, event-a-thon. These events seemingly went on and on, the seasons providing some shape and variety to the endless loop. .

When the kids were little they once told me, “When we grow up, you can have a store and sell all the things you are good at: making sandwiches, cutting bangs, and putting feathers in people’s hair.” 😂.

I kinda miss the feathers in the hair rage. And was never actually good at cutting bangs – glad they did not realize that at the time, though there are photos as proofs. .

And then here we are at the last snack, the end of the seemingly continuous loop.


Time flies. Go, Tigers.

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