Thank You

I bow down in gratitude for amazing behind the scenes help with graphic design and technology issues. Sandra is my everthere get love. give love. experience. There would be no website with out this extraordinary woman.

Mad props to the talented Michelle Konstantinovsky for many of the high quality photos on this website. She edited early versions of the original blog, chronicled my love note writing adventures as part of her graduate studies,  and is now an amazing freelance writer, yo.

Super thanks to Noelle for her patient staging, photography and general primping for photos for the Loveyou2 Scoutmob Shoppe and this website. Noelle is a maker as she lives and breaths, selling her fine sewing on etsy. Get some.

Tony Antony is the WordPress genius who imported the original blog to this legit website. Via late night IM sessions, he taught me how to keep it all going. He is magic.


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