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Public Displays of Affection, Page 4

Some of my public displays of affection and stories behind the heART.

alameda, ca: for jen lucky

World’s greatest gym wife and wing woman. A fountain of “get love. give love.” The VIP section is calling us! Let’s go.

There is no one like you.

For the people who hold our stories, the personal historians, the ones who love us no matter what. #loveyou2 #lovenote #washingtondc

Works in progress.

“This is a moment of strength. The moments of strength strung together and you will find yourself in a new place.” – …


I am going to love you so hard we might catch fire. . We’ll both be warm. . . . #loveyou2 #lovenote …

i love you: atlanta

Atlanta: i love you Thanks for the serendipity, deep connection, meaningful work, and a reminder of how lucky I am to get …

you are enough: chicago

Equal parts heart and mind expanding. Wow. Thanks, CHI-town. Subway station busking, endless smiles with dinner, the comfort of just being with …