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my ILY2 adventure

What the heart wants.

The heart wants what the heart wants. Grateful for connection, being comfortable, and drawn towards.

Your happiness matters.

You stand on the street corner, I awkwardly stumble over a piece of broken sidewalk. We’ve already said good-by, but neither of …

826 Valencia: DIRECTION

DIRECTION ::: Where are you heading? Make a turn. Drop your pin. Map your future. The 826 Valencia window is live and …

Proof of love #36

There is no love; only proofs of love. Pierre Thierry ๐Ÿ’“ The card arrived exactly 36 hours before I would need it. …

Proof of love #34

There is not love, only proofs of love. Pierre Reverdy A teaspoon and a tablespoon measure – hand carved from Holly wood.ย  …