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Your Love in Action

This is “get love. give love.” in action– the page on this website that inspires me THE MOST.  Seeing how others have joined the “get love. give love.” revolution is thrilling.

How will you share the love? What ripples will you create?

Cheese Plus

A fantastic (and popular!) love note installation hosted by the yummy and delightful Cheese Plus on Polk Street in San Francisco. The …

Proof of love #42

I am undone. Love from a stranger. Connected via Wisher @butterflieflying via The Conduit @lambie_k and the @usps.official system. I am listening …

Handmade Valentines 💓

Handmade Valentines cards at @ucsf Mission Hall hosted by Pilar 😍 . How will you share the love this Valentine’s Day? Free …

How do you love the ocean?

Students from San Francisco’s School of the Arts (SOTA) hosted love notes to the ocean at a recent Surfrider event. How do …