Summertime heART

This new art piece is part of my #summer2019 list.

The wood heart is recycled from @noahkilpack 4th birthday party when he was OBSESSED with the @sfghfoundation heart sculptures and wanted his own. His dad made a lifesize heart for Noah and his friends to paint.

Years ago the birthday heart came apart (this happens in life…) and I used one piece to make an altar for a friend’s breast cancer healing ritual.

I’ve wanted to use the big gate lock hardware on this remaining piece forever. The summer colors popped out and now we are going to add to it all summer for every high and low-use the piece like our own graffiti wall and play with expression.

I think I’m going to try to make some homemade slaps. Maybe the neighborhood will join in? #glenpark #fenceart #LoveYou2

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