Some things you will never see the same again.

“There is no one like you” LoveYou2 stencil on wood at Los Palmos community garden.

One of the gifts of 2020, is the invitation to see clearly. With so much falling away, a transition hastened however quickly or slowly at times amidst a pandemic, the invitation to see what remains beckons.

I found myself in uncharted territory. Unfamiliar with the surroundings, I looked for a compass or a map. I wanted a “you are here” pin to orient me to this place.

There was no map, compass, or pin. To orient myself, I wrote a list “Things I Know Are True.” It is a start. I am finding the path.

When the world feels topsy turvy or the ground below me unstable, I am appreciating the people who leave clues or breadcrumbs to help others find their way on the path. Thank you, pathfinders.

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