Seeking Love Amabassadors

i love you, too is seeking local Love Ambassadors to help share the love. The first 10 will receive CHOCOLATE and a love note!

A Love Amabassador shares the love and gets the i love you, too word out in their city and social network.

A few ideas for being a Love Ambassador:

-print signs and give them to your friends, tell them about the website and ask them to join the i love you, too movement
-like the i love you, too facebook page and post the i love you, too facebook page to your wall asking your friends to ‘like’ the page
-blast an area of your city or town with i love you, too flyers and snap some photos to tell us your story
-mention one of your i love you, too experiences into a Facebook status update and link to the Facebook page

The first 10 Love Amabassadors to post to the i love you, too blog with a picture and their story (please mention your location i.e. – “Corpus Christi is feeling the love” or “Chicago has love in the house”) will receive chocolate and a love note.  After you post your Love Ambassador story to the blog, send me an email at with your mailing address and a mention of your blog post and you’ll get chocolate and a love note in the mail!

Thanks for helping me share the love.

Get Love. Give Love.

There is so much more to come!

Happy Monday.

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