Rise in love.

In November, I had the honor of celebrating the love of two dear friends, Nick and Kristen.  I flew to Grand Rapids, MI with paper love notes for the guests to write advice, memories or well wishes and wood love notes for the ceremony + to later be installed in Grand Rapids.

As humans, we have romanticized the idea of falling in love. As a result, we long for the feeling of being overcome, a pull of sorts in which we are not able to control what happens – a free fall into the blissful unknown. Movies and songs reinforce this concept of the free fall into love.

My experience witnessing the blossoming of Nick and Kristen’s love was seeing them rise in love. This is what happens when you find someone who meets you as you are. You are so committed to and delighted by the very being of this person that you chose to be the best version of yourself. This meeting each other as we truly are and committing to grow together offers a depth of being, an endless possibility of connection and love.

Unlike a free fall into love, as we rise in love there is not an end or bottom to the experience. We see someone as they truly are and with that “get love. give love.” experience of expansion, continue to rise.

Here’s to rising in love.

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