Renegade night time extravaganza: wheatpasting in the Mission

The logistics of night time renegade installations do not lend themselves to high quality photos. Photos may be the proofs of love, but the real joy (after creating the art itself) is in the actual scouting for locations and installing the art – masks, social distancing, and a step ladder in tow.

Amidst the uncertainty and toll of 2020, Silvi Alcivar of The Poetry Store and I headed to the Mission to sprinkle some love notes and poetry. We had some specific messages to leave for both friends as well as a few locations. Messages best expressed through poetry and love notes.

Silvi with her series featuring butterflies:

An extra large love note, as there had not been enough when things unexpectedly ended:



Another joy is days and weeks later as people send photos of their finds.

My nieces spied the love. Perfection, girls: DON’T WAIT

And another find from my daughter. Ever onward.



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