renegade art display blooms love in Gaithersburg, MD

1053186_10200820485487322_1233376644_o 1052653_10200820485447321_47637509_o 1053157_10200820485807330_850435432_o 980210_10200820485567324_543480548_o 1052574_10200820485527323_2079975830_oMy sister and her family live in Gaithersburg, MD.  Her boys (my nephews) were “early adopters” of the get love. give love. concept. We’ve shared the love on family vacations together and sending love notes to each other in the mail.

To celebrate my birthday this year, my sister and her boys created a love note themed art installation, installed renegade style around Gaithersburg. Check out these clever #12 cans painted, covered with love notes, filled with flowers and installed on poles near bus benches or running paths. Please don’t miss the turquoise writing “I love you to the moon and back” in the last photo. Ahh! And tribute to my daughter Taft – her namesake street sign is now adorned with purple flowers.

I’m thrilled, flatter, and inspired that my birthday was celebrated all the way across the country with this epic public display of affection.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for loving me like this!1048514_10200820485647326_1562157985_o

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