Releasing mother guilt.

For Mother’s Day this year, I created the “Deposit Mother Guilt” interactive art installation on the fence outside my home.

I promised folks I’d hold their guilt, read the love notes aloud and then burn them under the next full moon.

The responses – the deeply held guilt, sorrow, shame and longing – rocked me to my bones.

I’ve held the notes through several full moons unable to shake the shadow, to release all that people shared. I created a tender place to honor the guilt, the dark, the heavy, the suffocating.

This week when I pulled the Isis card from the Goddess Oracle deck, I knew it was time. The notes have been laying in honor with Isis on my altar.

Tonight, under the Pisces Full Moon I will burn the notes, and release the Mother Guilt.

With the empty space created when your Mother Guilt is released, what will you do?

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