Proof of love #33

“There is no love, only proofs of love.” Pierre Reverdy

Over the years my kids bought me @colleenmauerdesigns bracelets for Mother’s Day. Eventually I had three. Just like three of them. I wear them every single day, only take them off to surf. The oldest is showing signs of wear. I don’t care. It’s love.
Been experiencing some ups with a few more downs than usual. One day I looked down and there were only two bracelets – a sign to me of the uncertainty around me, my needing to “get it together.”
I missed the third bracelet out of habit, which mirrored the longing in my life. I imagined I would replace the lost one when things felt back to normal.

Completely unexpected walks in the ever generous @secessionsf with a jewelry box and a smile. She has an explanation for the gift, the meaning of how she sees this phase of my life: magical, connecting, building bridges.
I open the box to find the sister to the lost bracelet, almost immediately replaced, but a slightly different form.
If the lost bracelet was a sign, is this one, too? What if I am enough? What if I am worthy? What if my love is all that matters?

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