Proof of love #31 ❤️

I’m walking down the street carrying this stunning bouquet.

The USPS driver was parked and leaned out of his truck to say: Those flowers are beautiful!

In a short exchange he asks: Are they for something special or could you just not stop yourself?

Me: Actually, I’m heading to my friend’s house, her daughter graduated from college and I’m bringing my friend flowers to say, “Good job, mama.”

USPS: Let me see is that xxx (says my friend’s address).

Me: It is!

USPS: Yep, I delivered her prom shoes when she was in high school. Amazing how time flies.

This is community. The people who keep us and hold our stories close.

Who keeps you close? Who do you keep close?

– There is no love; only proofs of love. Pierre Reverdy

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