phantom artist adds to signs of love

There was a bustle of activity yesterday around the Glen Park art fence – plenty of visitors and passersby.  In the midst of it all a phantom artist added two signs to the fence.  First we notice this brilliant piece:

I was immediately captivated with the light bulb. Genius. The fabulous font cut from sheet music spelling “Listen” is perfection.  And the renegade recycled wiring to hang the art piece?  Let’s just say I now have a definition for “love at first sight.”
It was as we were admiring the “Listen” piece, checking it out front and back when we were surprised times two.  Hanging just above “Listen” is this piece of delight:
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!  Your cleverness amazes me.  I love tiny art.  A googly eye?  Ohmygosh.  So much amazingness in just three symbols.
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera collected tiny vignettes, miniature murals.  This collection is on display in a back hallway of Kahlo’s Blue House in Coyoacán, the collection presented almost as an aside to the artists’ extraordinary lives and work.  I stood in Kahlo’s hallway mesmerized by the miniature murals painted by folks artists – scenes of the ordinary. The scale of these tiny paintings, the anonymity of the artists, the documentation of the everyday, & devotion of Kahlo and Rivera to their collection have held a fond place in my memory for years.
Seeing this tiny piece of cardboard art on the fence reminded me of the feeling I had standing in Kahlo’s back hallway, staring at the miniature mural collection.  So much communication in such a small space.
I am not the only one intrigued by the phantom artist’s work.  While we were admiring the new art and cleaning up near the fence a woman walking by asked, “Are you the artist here?”  My son and I explained, “Yes. Except for these amazing pieces just added by a mystery artist.”  When the woman’s eyes landed on the tiny piece of art she grinned and reached for her smart phone, “Oh my gosh! I just have to take a picture to send to my boyfriend.”
Phantom artist, you rock!  Here’s what we have to say back to you.

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