On being sure vs being willing.

You Rock stencil on wood, Bayview, San Francisco.
For many years, perhaps decades, I have admired people who are expert. Those who are sure. They know. The facts. They are people with answers. The ones who can do the math, even on the back of an envelope, to tell you what is true. Or at least a likely outcome. I’ve learned to find my own way to being sure. Decision trees, analog algorithms, lists (so many lists), and spreadsheets with headers and rows frozen in bold font. If anything, 2020 taught us what we thought we knew is dying. What wants to be born may yet be unknown. Instead of typical new year’s goals or intentions, I’ve decided to live into the questions. I’m not totally sure what I want from 2021, nor what she requires of me. It’s too early to tell. I am super aware of the unfolding that is underway. I have far less interest in outcomes than I have in a devotion to the process. I’ve traded goals for a series of questions. What do you desire? What have you noticed that you have not acknowledged? How might you be brave enough to name what you want, need and can’t live without? Where are you hiding? Here is to wanting, naming, and not hiding. Hello, 2021.

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