Notes from the in-between.

Catching up with a friend early this year, I concluded I was in an “in-between” phase. It felt good to name it, though it felt like an apology of a phase. I was without lofty goals: finishing up some big things but without a future landmark to set my sights on. I made lists on post-it notes for my in-between phase and took some satisfaction at crossing off mundane and tedious to dos.

Then “safer at home” orders arrived. I had plenty to do with my in-between plans still underway, the post-it notes half way crossed off.

The Quarantimes Life provides reflection in spades. I got the joke yesterday. There is no in-between time. It is all LIFE. Just like Quarantimes is LIFE. What am I going to do with this one wild and precious life?

I think I will write love notes.

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