Notes from 2020: Madrone Art Bar {live installation – visit now!}

I’ve missed you so, Madrone. We had a such a good run with our Belonging installation last year.

When Micheal re-opened Madrone (Divisidero @ Fell) as a socially distanced parklet, I messaged him about an idea I had been noodling on for an analog-style missed connections love note board. A chance to leave breadcrumbs of connection with each other amidst our social distance, loneliness, and divisions.

My middle son came home for Thanksgiving. He has always been my art-making and installation buddy. (We can thank him for the epic bulletin boards at 826 Valencia, the love note bike trailer at Maker Faire, the high quality suspended frame at Madrone which later debuted at Youth Art Exchange, the large (and heavy!) suspended boards at Perch, among many other “will you please make this idea in my head” requests.)

We went to Madrone (500 Divisidero Street) yesterday and left this love for you. It’s a “take one. leave one.” system with notes from 2020 to honor what we have missed, broken, bridged, and bonded. I’ve left you heaps of notes. Take one. In the mailbox are blank templates for you to write. Leave one.

Then, buy a drink. Tip the bartender. Send good wishes to the barback. Admire the epic stencil art Madrone has brought outdoors. Take a photo. Tell your friends.

Fingers crossed.

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