my love for you looks like this: LoveYou2 mini documentary

I am completely thrilled and honored documentary filmmaker Steve Olpin put his camera on and joined my kids and I for some renegade love note activity in the Mission last Saturday night. Like all good things, my connection to Steve is through love…..he is married to my awesome roommate from college, the creative genius that is Noelle Olpin.  Cool as they both were 20 years ago, they’ve taken rad to the next level raising their 4 kids and living a purposeful, creative life.

Though we have just been distantly in touch until last year, my love for Noelle spans decades. We reconnected and my daughter completely fell in love with her during a visit to San Francisco last year. Maybe that is why it was so easy to invite Steve and his son in to the good life that abounds and take them out for a love note adventure with a camera in tow. Thank you, Steve, for documenting this moment in time and the essence of the “get love. give love.” experience.

I’m on a mission to change the world one love note at a time. You can join me!  Download the free i love you, too flier from the website and start a love note revolution in your town, home, or heart.

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