Meet me on the blacktop: Live love note writing

I’d wake up early any day for this kind of love! We did live love note writing this morning during drop off at Thomas Edison Charter Academy in San Francisco’s Mission District. The love notes made a debute in Spanish (a huge success….will be printing more very soon!)

For me, participating in this event was an opportunity to honor all the kinds of love that surround us. Sometimes we take for granted the everyday people who shape our lives and the lives of those around us. There are heaps of people who put a piece of their heart in to this school every day. What a fabulous thing to capture those heart expressions on paper, bow down to the now, acknowledge the loves big and small.

Thank you TECA students and staff for a morning that kept me smiling all day!

Small hands, big love.

I am so fond of this customization!

Just for today. Yes. Well done.

The more we wrote, the more we dreamed!

After drop off mamas and papas stayed to write notes to their kids. I wish I could see the kids faces when they find the notes hung up in the school!

TECA staff is truly like no other.

Live love note writing is a pop-up love note writing experience within an event or community, creating an interactive art display or crowd-sourced public display of affection. The perfect adjunct to an event (art gallery opening, gala, team building, party, school, conference, fair) providing brief and meaningful interactions with individual guests AND a public art piece unique to your event. This is a fabulous photo opportunity with major social media sharing potential. I’d love to host a live love note writing experience at your next event. Contact me at for more information. Or you can host your own live love note writing event – kits available in the Etsy shop.

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