All day long I’d been listening 
To the guests badmouth my family
Posturing for position in the pack
By trying to be the most callous
And clever in their put downs
Of my gay brother and my black sister
Whose competence they dismiss 
I bit my tongue as I cooked our meals
Stirring into the food the prayer
That it would not only fill our bellies 
But also help us open our hearts
And heal the illusion of separation
So that we might find value
In even the most despised parts of ourselves
After night finally fell I wept
Not for the underdogs who are unafraid to feel
But for the overdogs trapped in their minds
Which mistake force for strength
And dominance for power
Unaware that the wolf best at initiating play
Is the true leader
When I awoke in the morning
To a neighbor who had fallen calling for help
We all responded with our own form of competence
As they used their strength to carry him upstairs
I used my power to protect him with a blanket
And reassure him with lightheartedness
In his crisis of weakness and fear
Heading home in the light
Of the new rising sun
I found I was grateful
For the opportunity to serve
This world from the inside out
So that in knowing the pain of separation
I may heal into wholeness and open
The possibility that we might find
Our way home to the heart
Of God within us all

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