Live Love Note Writing: Lick-Wilmerding High School

Photos from a live love note writing session as an end of the year reflection and celebration at Lick-Wilmerding High School.  The love is on the line in the foyer! What an amazing, warm response from the staff, teachers & students as they reflected on a year that was like no other. #LWHSlove

DSC01440 DSC01439 DSC01438 DSC01437 DSC01436 DSC01435DSC01452 DSC01451 DSC01450 DSC01449 DSC01448 DSC01447Live love note writing is a pop-up love note writing experience within an event or community, creating an interactive art display or crowd-sourced public display of affection. The perfect adjunct to an event (art gallery opening, gala, team building, party, school, conference, fair) providing brief and meaningful interactions with individual guests AND a public art piece unique to your event. This is a fabulous photo opportunity with major social media sharing potential. I’d love to host a live love note writing experience at your next event. Contact me at for more information. Or you can host your own live love note writing event – kits available in the Etsy shop.

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