Join me: 30 days of love notes

These are uncertain times. How are you feeling? However you are feeling is just right.

I’m feeling the deep uncertainty as things shapeshift around us. I’m also sensing that this time is an opportunity to strengthen my routines, self-care and commitments in alignment with my values. What are we learning from a personal, community and global perspective right now?

Now, more than ever, our connection matters. One of the many things Coronavirus is teaching us: our deep interconnectedness. We are in this together. It is no longer the time of ME, but the time of WE.

Our gratitude is linked to our happiness. Our happiness is good for our health. 

Join me for 30 days of love notes. You’ll receive a daily prompt for love note writing. See you there!

Are you an organization or group interesting in hosting your own 30 Days of Love Notes campaign? Yes, please! Contact me to collaborate. Ever onward!

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