Is there an antidote to sadness?

Now, more than ever, our love matters.


Life feels fragile right now.

The carefully constructed balance topples like a Jenga game played for days too long the moment one brick, perhaps one you’ve counted on, is pulled from the tower.

The toppling, the fragileness brings me to the present, to presence, a keen awareness.

The kindnesses from strangers.

The coping skills and self-care practices that replenish.

The new resources or skills that may be needed.

Seeing new ways I can give, I can offer from my places of enoughness.

The reminder that with uncertainty comes possibility.

I’ve returned to love note writing and reading love notes from the gratitude and grief altar with devotion. I’ve returned to talking with strangers on the street and wandering whenever possible. I’ve returned to giving whenever and wherever I can, keenly aware of all that I long for.

These are my survival skills. I need the reminders that come from these exchanges with the universe — our love in this “get love. give love.” adventure.

How do you love your sadness?

Resiliency is built from a myriad of single actions, daily choices, our connections with one another.

Our love matters.

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