Huddle Up All Souls & Collaborate Outloud: Love is rising in Bolton

On July 12, 2018, we gathered at All Souls Bolton, an innovative and inspiring community space, for our highly anticipated public love note event – a collaboration between Wellbeing Teams, Collaborate Out Loud, and Huddle Up at All Souls.  This group of beautiful people who responded to invitations in person and online include Madame Mayor of Bolton, pictured middle wearing the mayoral chains.  Truly an honor to meet this community minded leader.

I’d brought a bag of love notes with me from San Francisco. After a brief introduction, attendees headed out into the massive building and grounds to find perfect locations for the love note signs. All Souls Bolton will be working with local community organizations to share the remaining love notes, covering Bolton with public displays of affection.

After the signs were placed, we returned to the interior to install public displays of affection in and around the Huddle Up cafe, one of the cornerstone organizations embedded in All Souls Bolton.


This event was spectacularly thrilling in that the strangers turned friends who showed up were truly like no other. I feel so inspired by this group of magic making, intentional souls. Ever since, I’ve been noodling on how to find my way back to hang out with them some more.

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