Helen Sanderson welcomes new team members with a bag of goodies.

Helen Sanderson, the visionary leader of the UK-based Wellbeing Team movement, has developed an bag of goodies for new hires.

What do you need in your bag to help you do a great job at work? We are experimenting! As well as the usual Personal Protective Equipment we are giving everyone a stationary pack. This includes a pack of different Love Notes by Shannon Weber to express gratitude and love, a set of postcards to support people we care for to keep in touch with people who matter to them (and envelopes and stamps) and our Welcome to Your Wellbeing Team card (thanks Adam Mileusnic). What else would you suggest we included? Please share your ideas.

What would it be like to feel so welcomed and supported at work? How does this feeling ripple into the work you are doing? Join the conversation and learn more about Helen’s transformative work on her LinkedIn page.

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