finding your love in Newark, CA

One weekend adventure took us to a suburb between San Francisco and San Jose – Newark, CA. I was looking for places to post the love but it seems most folks were driving and not walking.  That with the gusty wind made it hard to find suitable locations.

Then, I pulled into a dirt parking area next to the train tracks to turn around.  We spied a tumbleweed literally blowing down the tracks perfectly – just like a movie.  “Hey kids, a tumbleweed!”  Small people want to get out of the car and touch the tumbleweed; there was some discussion about building a figure out of tumbleweeds until the prickley texture dissuaded further interest.  Parked for the tumbleweed adventure a chain link fence between the car and the tumbleweeds, I saw photos and ephemera hanging from the fence with plastic ties.  Immediately I got out of the car – I had to know more – these are my people, I thought.

I discovered a thoughtfully detailed memorial to a man taken before his time (I recognize that grief and longing for more). He was a tow truck driver, Elvis impersonator, and clearly beloved.  A laminated note from his mom thanked whomever for the use of the fence as a memorial location and gave a telephone number for anyone with questions or concerns.

I hung my “i love you, too” sign between her note and the wreath.

One of the things I love about travel (even a short road trip) is being lost.  But even better is the feeling of being found – finding yourself in just the right place.

With thanks to the wind and tumbleweeds, the weekend adventure now felt complete.

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