Empathy Adventures Installation @ Perch

This is an empathy adventure.

An opportunity to explore a moment of someone else’s life. What happens when you leave your own worldview? How might you see the world through another’s eyes? This builds our empathy muscle. Allows expansion, breadth and depth to our empathy.

Life is an empathy adventure.


Perch has been a long time supporter of LoveYou2. I was delighted to have the window display for the month of November. My son helped me to build and install the display. I used love notes from various previous installations—some poignant, some funny, some delightful, some sad—to illustrate the range of experiences we carry inside us. That the people around us are carrying inside them. My goal with this installation was to inspire us as the holidays approach, to take a moment and see what it is like to do the brave work of leaving our own worldview and seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. How might the capacity to do this change our interactions with others? And in doing so, change the world.

Thank you, Perch, for the space and years of support!

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