Dia de lost Muertos: Nov 2nd 2019







See you Saturday November 2nd at the Marigold Project’s Festival of Altars.

I am building one of the community altars. Actually, we will build it together. I ahve #LoveYou2 love notes in 6 languages. Pens for days. Altar artifacts.  Bring your grief. Your celebration. Your longing.

The Festival of altars is in a new location (Potrero del Sol Park @ @8th and Potrero) and the Procession has a new route (Bryant & 22nd to Mission, south on Mission to 24th, 24th to Potrero del Sol Park.)


Volunteers welcome. The #LoveYou2 altar is 12 Noon to Midnight. Always lots of stories.  So much magic. If you are willing to take a shift or help with clean up, please message me.

Bring your dead. We await you.

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