A dancer is someone who dances.











Tuesday evening class at the gym was samba. So I signed up. I’d never danced before. .
The phenomenal teacher @raffafm, the friendly women in the class, dancing barefoot across the wood floor, THE LIVE DRUMMING – I’d never felt so alive.

In the spring, the talk turned to Carnival preparations, discussions about costumes, and a buzz about other days to practice. This all seemed out of my realm, beyond my reach, and my own limited thinking kept me from believing I was included.

One day as class lined up against the wall to begin the choreography across the floor, a friendly in class asked, “You are dancing in Carnival with us, right?”

“Oh, me? I’m not a dancer.  I’m a mom. My kids are dancing in Carnival and I’m a chaperone for the group, there to give them water.”

Goddess love what comes next.

“First of all, you are a dancer. I’ve been dancing next to you for weeks. You just danced across the floor.  Second of all, can’t someone else can walk with your kids and give them water?”


I’m a dancer.
A dancer is someone who dances.

My baby sister came to town to walk in the parade with the ninos. I danced in Carnival. With the stunning women and amazing drummers.


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