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Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public. Cornell West A righteous rebellion and uprising is underway against anti-Black …


Forgiveness is letting go that the past could have been any different. h/t @anipemachodron “Welcoming the Unwelcome” on audiobook Letting go that …

Making space.

h/t @daniellelaporte #graceforimpact podcast So much to gain on the other side of letting go. #loveyou2 #todayiwill

we > me

we > me . Where is there ease? Where is there tension? How might we further find our way in the space …

A free fall of grief.

A note to myself. Amidst the free fall of grief. . Letting go of so much, while also rooting deep into my …

Begin here.

Good morning. . As the world shapeshifts around us, I am finding delight in the routine of 24-hours. Each morning new. Begin, …

Stay soft.

Can we make a promise to stay soft? No matter what else happens? . The subtle edges of ourselves that are becoming …

Less = More

Less ego. . Less noise. . Less busy. . Less hiding. . Less fear. . Be Open. . . . #loveyou2 #beopen