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Pronouncing Ferdinand

On April Fools Day I was awoken by the be-bop going off, and a dispatcher’s voice over the loudspeaker sending us out …

your wild and precious life

Maria Shriver interviews one of my favorite writers – the poet Mary Oliver, their conversation published in a recent O Magazine article. Imagine both my …

Welcome Home Soldier

“If I had not been in uniform, I would have held your hand when we walked down the street” she texted late …

Good Morning Sunshine!

I love my neighbors across the street.  We have keys to one another’s homes and can count on each other in the …

Nick Metropolis

“Love is all there is.”  is imprinted in script on his business card. And Baz knows love when he sees it. Super thanks …

Rodeo Love

Nothing goes better with the rodeo than my best boots and your love.

just in case

In case of emergency and you need my love, it’s waiting for you.