Awesome Foundation Zipcode Installation: 94134

IMG_7833.JPGCan you find this love note in 94134?

In July 2014 I received a grant from the Awesome Foundation funding my proposal to install love notes in each of San Francisco’s 26 zipcodes. “I found my heart in San Francisco; there is an ever-growing map of San Francisco in my mind, comprised of locations embedded with people and experiences coupled with awe. Installing love notes in each of San Francisco’s 26 zipcodes will be my love note back to this glorious city.”

Join me on this San Francisco hide-and-seek love note adventure! Find 5 of the love notes + send me photos of you in front = a set of love notes mailed to you from my etsy shop. For the cheater pants, these blog posts are geotagged on the love note map. Ready, set, go! I love you, San Francisco.

Many thanks to the Awesome Foundation for believing in the power of love notes and supporting me changing the world one love note at a time.


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