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in your hands

‘Excuse me,’ she said. ‘I’m not exactly sure when this happened. But I’ve realized you’re holding a piece of my heart in …


If I had known that loving you would be this much fun I would have started sooner.

Free Hot Spot

Now serving tabs of love along along with that cup of joe and free wifi. Lake Merritt, Oakland.


Found on my pillow.‘More!’ she says.Is that possible?

The Elbo Room

I know you’ve looked for love at the Elbo Room. I heard all about it. Don’t worry, I flirted with the thought …

Love Lasts

At least Sandra’s does! She posted this sign and it’s on day 4 at the gym. Happy New Year and lots of …

I love the bayou

Found love on the bayou at Sports Basement in SF, USA. Tore off one of the i love you, too tabs and …

Locker love

Love is hiding in a locker at the Houston Children’s Museum. Can you find it?