An incomplete list of things I am grateful for.

In all the loss and disruption and chaos and divide of 2020, there is so much to be grateful for.

An incomplete list of things I am grateful for.

1. every time the printer works

2. our washer and dryer

3. All the views in Glen Canyon

4. Weber family zoom dance parties

5. Victory Booth community

6. Facetime with mom and dad

7. watching the morning sunlight slowly move across the mountain

8. bonus time with roommates

9. platonic love & chosen family (people you fall in love with over and over again)

10. Slack with friends

11. text smack talk from my roommates

12. having already learned the difference between lonely and alone

13. dancing in the kitchen

14. Madrone Art Bar

15. caring enough to be nervous

16. the view in Capitola

17. jellyfish while kayaking

18. finding new pathways and hidden staircases

19. the altar on Bernal Hill

20. writing love notes to strangers

21. the urge to play a song on repeat

22. San Francisco Public Library To-Go

23. foraging for blackberries

24. re-reading The Little Prince

25. outdoor samba class

26. spontaneous dancing at Lake Merritt

27. traveling between worlds

28. new collab with Spotlight Trust

29. when the disco ball visits Zoom meetings

30. discovering Nick Cave’s art (h/t Chicago Cori for all the cool links & texts)

31. voicemails from Brandyn

32. Learning from Páidraig Ó Tuama’s on Poetry Unbound

33. Lama Rod Owen’s book Love and Rage

34. daily texts with Jen

35. visits from Alyce

36. new underwear

37. Conor’s 3×5 newsletter

38. My cousin Davese

39. letters to/from my pen pals

40. moments of feeling ridiculously and unbelievably alive

41. back porch drop offs

42. having the best emergency contact

43. the chance to let go. and then let go some more.

44. Sheldon’s tool skills

45. voice memos from Lisa

46. morning hikes and surf with Mocky

47. being lost and found in the same moment

48. our invented family rituals

49. this chance to love and be loved


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