About Loveyou2.org

Welcome, love!

I launched LoveYou2.org as a blog in November 2010 with the purpose of giving away the original i love you, too flier for others to hang up and share their stories. My get love. give love. story chronicles the inception. Clicking “publish this blog” felt like the scary, nakedest truth I’d known in years. And so began a magical journey which became a way of living; a passion for finding, documenting, installing and sharing love notes.

Spring 2011, I took a street art stenciling class at WorkshopSF from San Francisco-based stencil artist Jeremy Novy. I started cutting my first stencils in cereal box cardboard and spray painting wood love note signs to hang on fences. Connecting with a street artist and learning to feel the shape of the words with my hands through an exacto knife tip was transcendental. Spray painting became my new obsession and led to the creation of many public displays of affection, my fence signs.

Summer 2012 I spent at TechShopSF where, with the aid of computer software and the laser cutter (shazam!), I created a stack of stencils with many of my “i love you, too” sayings. I want to marry TechshopSF! Every person I met at Techshop asked me “What do you make?” (instead of “where do you work?” or “where did you go to school?”) then listened with respect and awe at my ideas, offering suggestions for improved production. This is mindblowing potential for an emerging artist and changed how I construed a view of myself in the world. I make, therefore I am. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

After so many (lovely & amazing) people asked for more…..May 2012 brought the first LoveYou2.org love note pad, the launch of live love note writing, followed in 2013 by a casual version of the love note pad, then spanish love notes.

At some point, LoveYou2.org became this hub for the exchange of love in its many forms; a place to practice, to be inspired, to share, a place to get love when you need some and give love when you have it.

I’ve post more than 2,000 i love you, too fliers, created several hundred public displays of affection and hosted numerous live love note writing experiences where thousands of love notes have been written. LoveYou2.org has received hundreds of comments and guest submissions about readers’ own experiences finding and sharing love notes.

The amazing part? This feels like just the beginning. I still get goose bumps and think we are just getting started, you & I, on this adventure changing the world one love note at a time.