Valentines Day came early for me (proof of love #29)

There is no love; only proofs of love. – Pierre Reverdy

Valentines Day came early for me this year. In the form of this love note.

In the mailbox at 826 Valencia among the many notes left for hanging in the window display, was this surprise.  I was standing inside the window the hanging notes when I found it.

I teared up.

Someone sees me. Someone knows me. 

This is an ineffable human experience – to be seen, to be known.

The magic is, I have no idea who wrote this note.

So just like Mr. Hatch (my favorite Valentines Day book of all time), this note becomes a gift of a new way of walking around in the world with the wonder of not knowing and the invitation to be that person who is seen, who is known.

Thank you dearly.

Happy Valentines Day. May tomorrow, and every day, be at “get love. give love.” adventures.

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