SuperShero: Amy Raspatello

Amy (right) pictured with fellow SuperSheros Faith Landsman (left) and Trina Scott (middle).

Amy Raspatello inducted into the Love Superhero Hall of Gratitude in December 2016 for her work in bringing truth, kindness and a wellness approach to Planned Parenthood of New Jersey and the PrEP Facts: Rethining HIV Prevention and Sex Facebook group.  Amy is, at her core, a women’s health activist. She integrates this belief in equal access and wellness to advocating for HIV prevention methods, including PrEP, for all. Amy is the one who shows up at the beginning, before there are any jobs assigned or the needs clearly known. She is also the one who is there at the end, doing the important work of showing up and listening. Thank you, Amy, for your steady bright light in this world!

About the Love Superhero Hall of Gratitude
“The plain fact is that the world does not need more successful people, but it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind. It needs people who live well in their places. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane.” David Orr

I deeply admire those who “live well in their places.” The ordinary and the unsung who offer to the world the very best parts of themselves without expectation. This is a beautiful expression of love in her calm, persistent, generous manner – offering a ripple of change (a metamorphosis) to the world. Inductees to the Love Superhero Hall of Gratitude are caped in recognition of their contributions to a love-filled world.

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